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Wake Up and Live Well – Embrace the Mystery and Cultivate your Life

In this blog, I want to touch on the topics of waking up and living well. Each involves its own kind of practice – and ...
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It’s All Content, Even The Observer –  Nondual Practice and Resting in What Is Never Gone

In two previous blogs, I wrote about three broad realms of human experience – Everyday Consciousness, the Subconscious (Intermediate) realm, and The Source. The realms ...
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Everyday Consciousness, The Realm of Power, and Source (Part Two) – Destinations and Distractions in the Psychospiritual Journey

In Part One of this article (Everyday Consciousness, The Realm of Power, and Source (Part One) – A Map for the Levels of the Psychospiritual ...
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Everyday Consciousness, The Realm of Power, and Source – A Map for the Levels of the Psychospiritual Journey (Part One)

“Well, obviously, I’m an individual separate self. And so are other people. And there are things out there in the world. It’s apparent to anyone ...
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Embodiment, Energy, and Spirituality

It’s common in our language to talk about body and/or mind, matter and/or spirit. A natural extension of this way of thinking is to imagine ...
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Grounding: Embodied Presence

Settled. Solid. Full. Here. It’s a feeling – an experience – that sometimes comes our way. It can settle upon us by grace, perhaps in ...
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Ground, Heart, Intent, Openness, Presence

Modern psychology, organizational research, the new sciences, wisdom traditions, and martial arts have all repeatedly “discovered” five fundamental elements that represent human qualities and behavioral ...
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Dis-ease, Grace, Body, and Spirit

We’ve seen how someone can be technically perfect in a performance (say on a musical instrument, in a dance, or in sports) but not only ...
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The Present Moment – Awareness Is a Master Key

Awareness of what is happening in the present – in the now – is a key practice, a key approach in many meditation and body-mind ...
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Awareness and the Power of Attention

Most every psychospiritual and personal development tradition asks that we learn to manage our attention and work with awareness.   Focus down (attention) and open ...
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