Grounding: The Power of Embodied Presence

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When we’re fully in our bodies, we feel here. 

We’re present in ourselves, present in our surroundings – and we feel resourceful and resilient.  While the experience of being grounded feels empowering and stabilizing, the reality is that we’re probablymore often aware of what it’s like not to be grounded.That is, we’re aware that we feel stressed, tense, overwhelmed, out of sorts, anxious, worried, unfocused, or indecisive.

This free booklet has excerpts from Dr. Martin’s upcoming book on grounding. You will learn what grounding is, and how it can support your wellbeing.  You’ll also be introduced to some concrete practices that can help you return to a resourceful and grounded state when you are stressed out. In addition, you will find suggestions for integrating grounding into your daily life – so you can increasingly reside in a sense of aware and present resourcefulness.

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