Transpersonal Psychology

Embodiment, Energy, and Spirituality

  It’s common in our language to talk about body and/or mind, matter and/or spirit. A natural extension of this way of thinking is to imagine that to be more in tune with spirit, we need somehow to leave our bodies behind. Or that being fully in our bodies, that we are somehow less spiritual, or … Continue reading Embodiment, Energy, and Spirituality

Ground, Heart, Intent, Openness, Presence

  Modern psychology, organizational research, the new sciences, wisdom traditions, and martial arts have all repeatedly “discovered” five fundamental elements that represent human qualities and behavioral options. These elements of power link to personal development through body-mind practices, and also represent options for satisfying and effective action across domains (e.g., leadership, team building, career development, … Continue reading Ground, Heart, Intent, Openness, Presence

Dis-ease, Grace, Body, and Spirit

We’ve seen how someone can be technically perfect in a performance (say on a musical instrument, in a dance, or in sports) but not only is the passion missing – the life – but we ourselves don’t rise and fall in pleasure in seeing or hearing the performance. We ourselves are not carried away by the performance … Continue reading Dis-ease, Grace, Body, and Spirit

The Present Moment – Awareness Is a Master Key

Awareness of what is happening in the present – in the now – is a key practice, a key approach in many meditation and body-mind practices. It’s key to the work that we do.  We can call it a key tool, but that doesn’t capture just how incredibly important this is. It’s not just a tool. Awareness … Continue reading The Present Moment – Awareness Is a Master Key

It’s All Part of It – We Are Not Separate Pieces

  This great alchemical work – this journey of personal development – is one of transformation and wholeness. Our bodies, minds, and spirits, our relationships and our embeddedness in the natural world are aspects of one thing. These domains are all integral aspects of the great work that embraces spiritual practices and everyday life. This … Continue reading It’s All Part of It – We Are Not Separate Pieces

The Power of Attention

Most every psychospiritual and personal development tradition asks that we learn to manage our attention. Our attention is the most valuable resource we have, because where attention goes – energy goes. Attention management is the key to personal growth, to awakening to our true selves, to effectiveness in everyday life, and to productivity.  This is … Continue reading The Power of Attention

A Brief Introduction to Transpersonal Psychology

  Transpersonal = beyond the personal, beyond the ego Transpersonal psychology is the field of psychology that integrates psychological concepts, theories, and methods with the subject matter and practices of the spiritual disciplines. One might say that transpersonal psychology is concerned both with “growing up” (psychological considerations) and with “waking up” (spiritual considerations). Transpersonal psychology is interested … Continue reading A Brief Introduction to Transpersonal Psychology

The Body in Transpersonal (Psychospiritual) Work

  One of the oft repeated maxims of transpersonal work is that true development means to “transcend and include.” Unfortunately this can, if understood only cognitively, be taken as license to continue to treat one’s own body as something other than the “real” self.” This wouldn’t be an atypical consequence of working in a psychospiritual … Continue reading The Body in Transpersonal (Psychospiritual) Work