The word “calling” has been used to describe one’s sense of what one is to do in the world. Another word that captures this idea is “vocation.” But here’s the essence of the question…

Who are you and what are you here to do?

We can refer to it as career counseling, but that doesn’t always capture how important this feels to us. As we consider all of who we are, as we seek wholeness, we often find ourselves asking the lifework question, or re-asking it. Career development is one place when you can readily grasp the possibility of integrating your personal and inner development with your outer life and professional development. Career counseling, planning and management are truly integral when they bring together personal evolution and real-life effectiveness.

In the career work, we look at and build on your interests (and your passions!), your skills, your personality, and your resources to find, create, or mold a lifework and a path that can lead to success and fulfillment. Sometimes the work is about finding a job, and sometimes it is about finding meaning and purpose – and ideally it is about both.

Whether you are inside an organization or working for yourself, career planning and management can help you to live more proactively and to successfully navigate life and career changes.

People going through therapy and/or who are working on a personal transition often discover that they want or need to make a career transition as well. Good career work takes into consideration your personal and your professional life.

The career services that I provide are geared to a range of individual needs. People who might benefit from career counseling, planning and management include:

  • College students facing a major or career choice
  • Adults seeking a career change – midlife or otherwise
  • Executives and employees wanting development within their current organization

I have published two books on life and career planning, and have worked with numerous clients in both group and one-on-one formats to support them in achieving their personal and professional career goals.