• Psychotherapy – Dr. Martin has been practicing psychotherapy for over twenty-five years and has worked with individuals to identify and work through lifelong blocks, to build a sense of resilience, and to discover happiness, pleasure and joy in their life and relationships. Go here to learn more about therapy services.
    • Body-Mind Exercise Groups and Classes –  Dr. Martin periodically runs groups and training classes to introduce participants to the benefits of body, mind, and energy integration – and the value for creating greater resilience, vitality and resourcefulness in their life, work and relationships. Go here to learn more about exercise groups and other events.
    • Training, Consultation, and Speaking –  Dr. Martin speaks and delivers training to groups nationally and internationally and has provided training and consultation services in a variety of settings and industries. His speaking and training style is entertaining and informative and carries the theme of integrating somatic awareness and body-mind resources with practical applications for everyday life. His training and consultation work empowers individuals to enhance their effectiveness while working with groundedness, purpose and balance. In his work, he addresses the topics of: leading with somatic and emotional intelligence, building resilience, and managing stress. In his consultative work, he has provided extensive personal, career, and executive coaching services. Contact Dr. Martin to inquire about training and speaking services.