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You know that more is possible for you.  Perhaps you’ve explored self-help practices or talk therapy – looking for a route to your better, happier self.  Maybe you’re considering a different kind of psychotherapy. Or instead of just feeling “less bad,” you want to increase your sense of energy and freedom.

Do you…

  • Feel stuck in doing – even though you might be “successful” by conventional standards?
  • Sense you’ve lost track of who you really are, or spend too much time  “in your head?”
  • Feel down, worried, or overwhelmed, and don’t know how to make things different, or don’t have the energy to make changes?

Body-mind psychotherapy and bioenergetic analysis are integrative approaches that combine awareness, body, breathing, movement, mind, feeling,  and verbal exploration to help you…

  • Work through life-long unconscious barriers or traumas that keep you from living freely, happily and effectively
  • Rediscover your authentic, grounded, and vital self
  • Feel empowered to address difficulties in your life, career, and relationships

On the path to being who we really are, we must rediscover our instincts, needs, hopes, joys, and dreams, as well as address our fears, anger, and grief.  Body-mind psychotherapy builds on the relationship between body, heart, and mind to help you uncover and dissolve hidden constraints – and discover untapped energy, wisdom, and personal resources.

I’m a licensed psychologist who provides psychotherapy and training services – and I have many years of experience in body-oriented, bioenergetic, psychoanalytic, and integral approaches to personal development.

I see my job as helping you remember who you are  – as well as helping you recover your personal power and ability to live your life fully.  As a psychotherapist, I’m also here to help you address any concrete concerns you bring to counseling – including those related to your career, relationships, sexuality, or health.

Please contact me with any questions and for a free initial phone consultation about how we might work together.

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  • Ways to discover grounded and spontaneous energy,  joy, and pleasure in your life
  • Integrated approaches to embodying your true self, and to living authentically

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