Four-Week “Bioenergetics: Vital Awareness” class – Gainesville, FL – Feb 9th, 2017


“Bioenenergetics: Vital Awareness” class

Explore in a gentle and experiential way the combination of awareness, grounding, breathing, energy, moving, and feeling that are integral to bioenergetic body-mind practices. Come away feeling more vital, centered, and resourceful. Bioenergetic skills can help you rediscover your authentic integrated self and work through body-mind barriers to living happily. This class is a great four-week introduction to bioenergetic (body-mind-energy-awareness, with a sampling of a wide variety of skills and experiences. Those familiar with bioenergetics will enjoy a regular class in which they can actually practice. If you want to know more about the class, you can contact  Dr. Martin.

February 9th, 2017.  6:00-7:30 pm eastern time. Four Thursday evenings.  Location: Gainesville High School – in Gainesville, FL.  

This class is offered through Santa Fe College (SFC) Community Education. To register, you can call SFC at (352) 395-5193 or register via the SFC Community Ed website here (the class title in the catalog is “Bioenenergetics: Vital Awareness” and is in the “Health and Wellness” category).   The four-week class is $49. Space is limited!