“Grounded, Centered, Present!” workshop in Gainesville, FL – Jan 21st, 2017


“Grounded, Centered, Present” workshop

Come experience the power of bioenergetic grounding and energizing!  In this class, we’ll practice the skill of grounding – a fundamental practice in bioenergetic body-mind-energy-awareness work.  Rediscover your embodiedness, and feel the relaxed centeredness, resilience, and confidence that is the foundation for approaching your life in a more resourceful way. The class is  a great introduction to the bioenergetic work as well as to the four-week bioenergetic class being offered starting in Gainesville, FL in February 2017. The class focuses on grounding, but will include a range of bioenergetic exercises, including the mindful body awareness, breathing, and energy building that are foundational to bioenergetic skills training and therapy.  If you want to know more about the class, you can contact  Dr. Martin.

Saturday, January 21st, 2017.  12:00-3:00 pm eastern time. Location:  Santa Fe College, NW Campus, Room S-220 – in Gainesville, FL.

This class is offered through Santa Fe College (SFC) Community Education. To register, you can call SFC at (352) 395-5193 or register via the SFC Community Ed website here (the class title in the catalog is “Grounded, Centered, Present” and is in the “Health and Wellness” category).   The three-hour class is $24. Space is limited!