“Ground, Heart, Intent, Openness – Discovering Presence Through Bioenergetic Work” – May 6th, 2017 Workshop


There’s a new half-day bioenergetics class coming up May 6th, 2017.  Explore the combination of awareness, grounding, breathing, energy, moving, and feeling that are integral to bioenergetic body-mind practices. In these classes, we’ll be working with the qualities of Ground, Heart, Intent, and Openness – powerful processes at the core of which lie Presence and vital energy. These processes are components of the Elements of Power mentioned in this article.

We’ll touch on these core principles that address the role of presence/awareness, energy and habits in our lives. Presence and conscious use of our attention-awareness is the basic practice, energy is the basic resource, and habit (mental-emotional, bodily) is the basic trap that keeps us from being present in our authentic selves. In being present, and learning where we “interrupt” ourselves, we gain increasing access to the power of our hearts, bodies, and minds and become more empowered in our relationships.

Bioenergetic skills can help you feel more empowered and energized, rediscover your authentic self,  and work through body-mind barriers to living happily. These four-hour classes are  a great introduction to bioenergetic work, trainings, and therapy.

The class is on Saturday May 6th, 2017, 1:00-5:00 pm eastern timeSanta Fe NW Campus, in Gainesville, FL and is being offered through Santa Fe College (SFC) Community Education. To register, you can call SFC at (352) 395-5193 or register via the SFC Community Ed website here (the class title in the catalog is “Ground, Heart, Intent, Openness” and is in the “Health and Wellness” category).  The four-hour class is $49.

If you want to know more about the class, you can contact Dr. Martin.