Psychotherapy is an intensive professional relationship. The information on this page is to help you to know me better – and to know what you can expect from our work together. I do see therapy as a partnership, with the work tailored to the needs of the individual.

My general approach is integral – that is, I draw on bodily, personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal perspectives in my work with clients as a way of supporting their individual, social and career development. I want to help clients  integrate their inner and outer lives – in ways that work best for them.

Areas of experience in the therapy work that I do:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stress and trauma recovery
  • Issues of authenticity, meaning, and purpose
  • Somatic (body-mind) approaches to psychotherapy
  • Depth psychology, psychoanalysis, and Jungian approaches
  • Personality type – Jungian and other
  • Integrating personal and spiritual development
  • Mind-body health
  • Gender identity and expression
  • Career planning and transitions

I work with adolescents and adults and have been a therapist in community, university, and hospital settings. I have particular experience working with clients from a body-mind perspective as well as with those who are on nontraditional spiritual paths. I also have significant experience working with clients who are exploring gender identity.

Regarding therapy, I believe that in addition to what is essential (Essence, Self, Soul, Core, Psyche) in us, we have learned much of how we think, feel, and behave from our history and from our environment. Throughout our lives we make the best choices we can based on our experiences and beliefs. At some point, though, it becomes clear that what we are thinking, feeling, and doing is just not working for us anymore – and is keeping us from being who we really, or from achieving what is important to us.

These troublesome blocks to being and expressing who we are show up both psychologically and physically – in our bodies. They impact our energy level, how we carry ourselves, and in tensions and habits of which we may be unaware.  Given this, I believe there is much value in working with these habits or blocks through body awareness , movement, and expression in addition to verbally exploring, understanding, and working through those blocks (psychoanalytically and otherwise).

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In our work together, you can gain new experiences, explore new self definitions, try out new behaviors, receive feedback and support, and develop new and empowering beliefs.

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