About Dr. Martin

I am a licensed psychologist in a full-time private practice where I provide psychotherapy, training and speaking services. Life balance, wholeness, and living  and working with vitality, joy, purpose and perspective are themes in my work.

My therapy and training work are oriented to helping clients discover what is essential/authentic in them, work through old pain and trauma, address blocks to living and expressing who they are, and find balance in their life, work and relationships.  I work with adults on concerns of identity, life transition, meaning, and career/calling – as well as family of origin issues, loss, stress, trauma, and gender.

Integrating practices from modern psychologies, wisdom traditions, and somatic disciplines  has been a lifelong personal and professional interest.  My approach to  therapy is interpersonal-psychodynamic  (psychoanalytic, Jungian) and includes somatic (body-mind) approaches – which can be valuable for clients who are out of touch with their life force, have trouble “getting out of their heads,” are seeking balanced expression of feeling and sexuality, or want to be more grounded in everyday life.

People on psychospiritual paths – whether traditional or nontraditional – or who have interests in such topics  as consciousness or energy practices will find in our therapy work a space that is open to those approaches.

In seeking integration between our inner and outer lives, we often find ourselves thinking more deeply on what it is we’re here to do. This naturally can lead to conversations about lifework, career and path. Career work can be a an outgrowth of other work I do with clients, or can be a focus in and of itself. In learning to live authentically,  people may also find they need to address something fundamental in their lives – how they experience and express sexuality and gender. I have significant experience in working in these areas with clients.

So you may know more about my experience  – and how well I might understand your concerns… I’ve worked in organizational, hospital and university settings and I’ve been in private practice for over twenty years. In that practice – in addition to providing therapy – I have many years of experience providing training and consultation to organizations on the topics of leadership, team skills, and building resilience and managing stress, and have provided executive coaching services.  I have authored several publications on – and have extensive experience in – the application of personality type to personal development, counseling and career work, leadership, and communication.

My current work is very much focused on providing psychotherapy services and speaking, training, and educating others on the topics of integrated mind-body-consciousness approaches to development. I am also the current Curriculum Director for the Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis.

Our therapy work together can create a space where we address – as needed – identity, authenticity, relationships, consciousness/spirituality, full embodiment, sexuality, gender, and career. Therapy should have room to deal with the larger mysteries of life as well as our ability to live and work effectively here and now.

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