The “Breathing, Moving, Feeling” Bioenergetic Exercise Class we had on Saturday, September 10, 2016 was a great meeting, with great people. It was energizing , grounding, and eye-opening.. Check out the Events page to learn about upcoming body-mind-awareness workshops.

You know that body, mind, and essence are not separate. You know there’s something deeper in life. You may have explored some body-mind or awareness practices – or worked with holistic approaches to healing and growth, such as meditation or yoga.

And right now – too – you’re feeling depressed, stuck, overwhelmed, worried, or confused and you’ve been thinking about counseling to address some difficulties in your life. But you want to see a psychotherapist who can understand your interests in body-mind, awareness, or energy practices.

Do you…

  • Feel you’ve lost track of who you really are? Or want to know so clearly who you are, that you can finally live it without apology?
  • Spend too much time “in your head?” Or struggle with feeling empowered to move on things you want and to negotiate difficulties in your life?
  • Feel trapped in  your life but don’t know how to make things different? Or sense that you’re stuck in doing?

If you’ve been working on yourself, or have interests in body-mind or awareness disciplines, psychotherapy is a good additional practice when you need a different kind of approach to help you through a crisis – or through those painful stuck places in your life. Perhaps you’ve tried talk therapy and it doesn’t seem to lead to the change you need.

Body-mind psychotherapy and skills training is a holistic/integrative approach that combines awareness, body, breathing, movement, energy, mind, feeling, and relationship with verbal exploration to help you…

  • Rediscover your authentic vital self
  • Work through life-long unconscious barriers to living happily and effectively
  • Deal with recent or old traumas in your life
  • Feel empowered to address difficulties in your life, career, and relationships

Untitled-1On the path to being who we really are, we face – in life and therapy – not only how we practice awareness, but concrete concerns related to  our careers, our relationships, our gender and sexuality, our bodies and our physical health. We have to address our fears, our anger, our grief – as well as our often-buried instincts, needs, hopes and dreams. 

If you are struggling with feeling unhappy, anxious, trapped, out of touch with yourself, and you want a psychotherapist who will understand your interests, then contact me with any questions you have about how we might work together. I’m a licensed psychologist who provides psychotherapy and training services – and who has experience in body-oriented, bioenergetic, analytic, and integral approaches to development.

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  • Ways to discover grounded and spontaneous energy,  joy, and pleasure in your life
  • Integrated approaches to embodying your true self, and to living authentically
  • My orientation to body-mind psychotherapy, training, and speaking

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